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Black Conjure

Black Conjure does include Black Magic but the stigma upon both is unwarranted.  Black Conjure is simply self-empowerment magic that is not scared of working slyly to do so.

Revenge Magic, Breaking Up, Banishing People and Petty "Getbacks" Black Magic is spirit summoning and in particular the summoning of lesser spirits such as classical demons. 

Luck Conjure 

Luck Conjure includes Love Magic, Luck Magic, Money Calling, Self Meditation, and Empowerment, but the spiritual intent must be from a loving and pure place.This would also include the practice of gifting offerings to deities and the creation of magical tools such as wands or charms.

Team members personal services

Rev. Root Doctor Hawthorne 

is an ordained minister able to perform church and pagan rites and sacraments, such as baptisms, communion,  last rites,  as well as performing legal marriages and funerals. Any Religion or Nondenominational including hand-fasting. and satanic baptism


                  -- Mary Cat --

is a licensed cosmetologist and uses her talent to not only provide beautiful barber and cosmetic styling but also applying that to witchery. Herbal Soaps. Ritual Make-up. and custom Healing Baths


Divination Reading

Divination Readings include 

Tarot Cards.

Playing Cards.






Talking Boards

Scry Ball

Writing Planchette


Spiritual Shop