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Yerba Mate Tea

Senna Lotus

Chamomile Mint

Jasmine Green Tea

Witchy Herbal Tea Potions

  • Facts and Instructions

    All teas are loose leaf and require straining before drinking.

    Senna-Lotus: senna leaf and root. lotus leaf. lime leaf. hawthorn berry extract. rhubarb root. valerian root.

    Chamomile-Mint: ground chamomile with flowers and finely ground mint.

    Yerba Mate-Oolong tea: yarba mate. oolong tea. jiao gulam. lotus leaf. lime leaf. ginger root.

    Jasmine-Green tea: jasmine. green tea leaf. lemongrass. licorice root. burdock root. grapeseed extract.

    Wildberry-Hibscus: Hibscus. lemongrass. rosehips. orange peel. natural blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.