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Several Small Bundle packs of spell ingredients full of items to begin work.


Voodoo Supply Kit. includes: Black Salt. Frankincense. Starfish. Coffin Nails. Spanish-Moss. Crossing Powder. Blessed Candles.

Devil Devil Ritual Kit. including: Coffin Nails. Graveyard Dirt. Herbal Incense.

Cat-bone/tooth. 2 blessed red candles. 2 Hand-dipped at Midnight Black Candles. Charms. Wooden Pentacle.

Voodoo Spell Kit.(SOLD OUT! can make one as a personal request, but packing will be different). includes: Simple Voodoo Poppett. Brick Dust. Dirt'Dobber Nest.

Grave Dirt. 3Colorful Push Pins. 4Colorful Candles. Charms. Herbal Incense. Vivis

Samhain Spell Kit. including: Dried Jack-o-Lantern. Bonfire Bones. Pumpkin Seeds. 2pumpkin harvest tea-lights. Halloween Herbal Incense. 2Orange, 1White Candle. Charms. Coffin shaped Herbal Soap. 

Small Spell Restocking Kits