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Crossing-Powder. used to keep energies from crossing where it's applied.

Black-salt. used the same as any salt in magic but a black color to enhance the magic

Blue-salt. used the same as any salt in magic but a blue color to enhance the magic

Lavender-salt. a herbal mixture of blessed salt known for its purity.

Graveyard-Dirt. dirt from a grave from the 1800's used to enhance magical mixtures

Brick-Dust. used to seal doors and windows to form powerful walled up magical barriers 

Brimstone. used for conjuring, banishing, spell breaking, and is one of the three principles of Alchemy. DANGER POISON.

Elemental Summoning Powder. used in conjuring a mixture of salts herbs, dirts, spices, and chalks for each element.

Hot Foot Powder. Banish unwanted people from your life, super powerful

Magic Powders / Dust

  • Facts and Instructions


    some traditional uses

    crossing powder:Sprinkle Crossing Powder in a person's tracks to trip up their life and bring them misfortune. Dust cards that you mail to your enemies with Crossing Powder to curse them with devastating results the moment they open the envelope.

    brick dust: is a traditional protective and cleansing powder used to clean your front steps, window sills or other entrance or doorway. It can be mixed with floor washes or sprinkled directly to ward off evil, curses, and keeping enemies away.

    brimstone: for hex breaking, banishing, psychic protection

    graveyard dirt: is used in black conjur and curses but also an ingredient in various good works, such as for protection, luck in gambling, and even love-drawing.