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Sigils of the 72 lesser spirits or demons from the Goeita.

Used to summon these spirits to preform task for the magician

Danger: for advanced magicians only

Lesser Keys of Solomon Sigils / Candles F-R

  • Facts and Instructions

    Flauros: .discerns the past and present. foretells the future. destroys and burns enemies of the magician
    Focalor: .has power over the winds and seas. drowns men. sinks warships
    Foras: .confers invisibility. confers wit, wisdom and eloquence. reveals the virtues of herbs and precious stones .discovers treasures, things lost
    Forneus: .procures love between enemies. teaches all arts and sciences, including rhetoric. teaches languages. confers a good reputation
    Furcas: .teaches astronomy, logic, philosophy and rhetoric .teaches chiromancy and pyromancy
    Furfur: .raises thunder, lightning and wind. procures love between a man and wife
    Gaap: .discerns the past and present. foretells the future. delivers familiars from the custody of other magicians transports men between places
    Gamygyn: .reveals information about those who have died in sin. teaches the liberal sciences
    Glasyalabolas: .discerns the past and present. foretells the future. confers invisibility. incites bloodshed. teaches all arts and sciences
    Gomory: .discerns the past and present. foretells the future. discovers hidden treasures. procures the love of women, especially girls
    Gusion: .discerns the past and present. foretells the future. answers all questions. reconciles enemies

    Hagenti: .turns metal into gold. turns wine into water. confers wisdom
    Halpas: .transports men to war or other places. burns towns
    Ipos: .discerns the past. foretells the future. confers wit and courage
    Lerajie: .causes wounds to putrefy. causes battles
    Malpas: .provides good familiars. destroys the desires and thoughts of enemies
    Marbas: .causes disease. cures disease. teaches mechanics. changes men into different shapes. imparts knowledge about things hidden or secret
    Marchosias: .gives true answers to all questions
    Morax: .provides good familiars. knows the virtues of herbs. knows the virtues of precious stones. teaches astronomy and liberal sciences
    Murmur: .facilitates the dead to appear and answer questions. teaches philosophy
    Naberius: .restores lost dignities and honors. teaches art and sciences
    Orias: .transforms men. teaches about the planets
    Orobas: .discerns the past and present. foretells the future. protects against temptation from other spirts.
    Ose: .changes men into any shape. makes men insane for about an hour. teaches liberal sciences. gives true answers to questions
    Paimon: .provides good familiars. gives the magician power over other men. teaches arts and sciences
    Phoenix: .an excellent poet. understands all sciences
    Procel: .can cause great commotion. can warm water. teaches geometry and the liberal sciences
    Purson: .provides good familiars. discerns the past and present. foretells the future. conceals treasure. discovers treasure.
    Raum: .discerns past and present. foretells the future. procures love between friends and foes. destroys cities. steals treasure.
    Ronobe: .Teaches the arts and rhetoric. teaches languages