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Sigils of the 72 lesser spirits or demons from the Goeita.

Used to summon these spirits to preform task for the magician

Danger: for advanced magicians only

Lesser Keys of Solomon Sigils / Candles A-E

  • Facts and Instructions

    Agares: .teaches all languages.causes earthquakes .brings back runaways.destroys dignities
    Aini: .gives true answers to questions.teaches cunning .spreads destruction
    Allocen: .provides good familiars.teaches astronomy and the liberal sciences
    Amduscias: .Provides good familiars.fells trees.makes musical instruments heard but not seen
    Amon: .discerns the past.fortells the future. reconciles friends and foes .procures love
    Amy: .provides good familiars. teaches astronomy and the liberal sciences. can discern treasures hidden by spirits
    Andras: .a highly dangerous demon who can kill the magician and his assistants
    Andrealphus: .teaches astronomy and geometry and everything concerning measurement .can transform men into birds
    Andromalius: .locates hidden treasure. reveals thieves. returns stolen goods. discovers all wickedness
    Asmoday: .confers invisibility. locates hidden treasure. guards hidden treasure. teaches arithmetic, geomancy and handicrafts
    Astaroth: .discerns the past and present. foretells the futute. discovers all secrets .teaches all liberal sciences
    Baal: .confers invisibility. confers wisdom
    Balam: .discerns the past and present. foretells the future. confers invisibility. teaches wit
    Barbatos: .discerns the past. foretells the future. reveals treasure hidden by enchantment .reconciles friends. teaches all sciences
    Bathin: .reveals the value of herbs. reveals the value of precious stones. can transport men between countries
    Beleth: .procures love
    Belial: .provides good familiars. causes favors of friends and foes
    Berith: .discerns the past and present. foretells the future. turns metal into gold
    Bifrons: .teaches astrology, geometry and mathematics. reveals the value of herbs. reveals the value of precious stones
    Botis: .discerns the past and present. foretells the future. reconciles friends and foes
    Buer: .provides good familiars. heals all disease. teaches philosophy and logic. reveals the value of herbs
    Bune: .answers questions. confers eloquence and wisdom. gives riches
    Caim: .foretells the future. reveals the meaning of birdsong, the lowing of cattle, the barking of  dogs, and the sound of water
    Cimeries: .discovers buried treasure. reveals lost and hidden things. teaches grammar, logic and rhetoric .can make men appear as soldiers
    Dantalian: .knows all human thoughts and can change them at will. procures love. teaches all arts and sciences
    Decarabia: .provides birds as familars. discovers the virtues of herbs. discovers the virtues of precious stones
    Eligor: .causes war. discovers hidden things. procures love