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Lesser Keys of Solomon Sigils / Candles S-Z

  • Facts and Instructions

    Sabnack: .provides good familiars. inflicts wounds and sores. builds cities and buildings
    Saleos: .procures love
    Seere: .discovers thefts. transports goods
    Shax: .provides good familiars. discovers hidden things. steals money. will transport anything
    Solars: .teaches astronomy .teaches the virtues of herbs. teaches the value of stones
    Sytry: .procures love. causes women to reveal themselves naked
    Valac: .reveals hidden treasure. delivers serpents to the magician
    Valefor: .is a thief
    Vapula: .teaches philosophy and science. confers skill in manual professions
    Vassago: .discerns the past and present. foretells the future. discovers things lost or hidden
    Vepar: .causes storms at sea. guides battleships. causes death from infected wounds
    Vine: .discerns the past and present. foretells the future. reveals witches. discerns hidden things. destroys walls. builds towers.
    Vual: .discerns the past and present. foretells the future. procures the love of women. procures friendship between foes
    Zagan: .turns water into wine. turns blood into oil. turns oil into water. turns metal into coins. confers wit.
    Zepar: .inflames women with love for men. can make women barren