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A sour take on the Classic Honey Pot Spell of Southern Tradition.

The main difference is the mason jars are skull faces. so with this spell and the right intent its possible to control the targets will.


INCLUDES: Male or Female figure candle in your color choice. Coffin Nails. 

Grave Gravel. Red Dressed Candle. Thornapple. and the lids are sealed with a Goeitac demons seal.

(PSA) - (This spell has the ability to hurt or even to the point of fatally injuring someone and always remember when doing magic your intent will find you out. So be warned, and Be careful.)

Hoodoo Soul Catching Spell.

  • Facts and Instructions


    Fill the bottom of the skull mason jar with a loose amount of grave gravel.

    take the wax candle poppet and visualize it as the person that you want to have control over. Placing pins (or coffin nails) into the poppet to represent what your intent over the other person is. Head for mental control, Heart for emotional control. etc. (if you have herbs to dress the candle now is the time to do so)

    Place the wax poppet into the jar so it's standing up.

    light the candle and as it burns down into the jar, add items of power that will help you complete your task, (Thornapple is used to control over peoples mind) Items that once belonged to the victim, or even as far as hair or nail clippings from them. Remember, the more powerful energy the items have the more powerful the complete spell will be.

    Once the candle has burned all the way down cap the jar with the lid.

    This, in turn, has trapped the victim's soul within it, Now the victim is powerless to your influence.