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Blessed Holy Water. purified with salt and blessed white candle

Moon Water. collected during 100% full moon in Pisces 

Deity Water. Perfumed water to use to honor its respected deity in spells prayers and offerings.

Holy / Moon / Deity Waters

Deity Selection
  • Facts and Instructions

    Holy Water is water that has been blessed by a minister that has also been purified. It has been traditionally used throughout the world as a way of protection and banishing of evil.


    Moon Water is water collected under a 100% full moon charged for a time under the moonbeams and then placed in such a container that no light enters it keeping the only light that it was exposed to the full moon until the time of use. Traditionally moon water is collected from a natural flowing water source. This batch was collected under the moon in the sign of Pisces it is both rainwater that fell during that night as well as flowing water gathered from where the moon was reflecting.


    Deity Water is holy water that has been perfumed, sometimes additives such as finely ground gems, herbs, and resins are also added for honoring each specific Spirit.