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Magical Oils for Anointing Alters, Idols, Walls, the Body and anything else that might need an extra boost.

Solar Oil. For Energy and the masculine aspects of magic working

Luna Oil. For Purifying and the feminine aspects of magic working

Money Drawing. Anoint your wallet, purse, pockets or investments.

Love Drawing. To be used in folk magic love spells. 

Lucky Mojo. a lucky oil to be used on any charm or ritual as it magnifies its energy

Spirit Summoning. an Oil to be used while in the act of spirit summoning, from demons to ghost to fairy this oil attracts lower level living energies.

Black Magic Hexing. this Oil is to be used in Cursing and Hexing people great to apply to voodoo dolls and other poppets representing people.

Holy Blessed Anointing Oil. Holy Olive Oil that has been blessed and has lots of elemental gold diluted with it. (The Purest of anointing Oils)

XXXtra Strength Hot Foot Oil. This hot foot oil is super strong, banish unwanted people and send them packing (Can be Harmful to Skin)

Lucky 21 Oil. A super blend of oils herbs and charms that cannot be beaten, Calls money, love, luck, and general prosperity.


Holy & Magical Oils

  • Facts and Instructions

    Holy and Magical oils have been around since the beginning of civilization.

    Starting with mineral oil each batch is first slowly heated with each herb, resin, and perfume added at its required time.

    the HOLY OIL is not made with mineral oil but with virgin olive oil instead


    Oils are be used externally only