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Homemade Soaps made from

Shea Butter

Goat Soap

Black African Soap

Amish Soap



With your choice of herbal ingredients to accommodate your specific needs.

Herbal Soaps for Beauty and Magic

Size - Shape
Soap Base
Soap Power
  • Facts and Instructions

    Ritual baths are a very important in all forms of spirit work along with the water the next most important tool might very well be the soap.


    Planchette: this is the smallest size and is a great way to sample different soap base and herbal combinations. The classic planchette shape not only looks fantastic but using one before any type of spirit summoning can only increase your energy.

    Celtic Knot: this is the medium ground in terms of size and use life. Two varying designs of this powerful symbol of infinite energy are available and using such a symbol during a ritual bath greatly increases your spiritual alignment.

    "Handmade" Square: square shape with "100% Handmade" stamped into it.

    Wormwood's Bar: This is the largest and has the longest use life.

    Shea Butter The concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in Shea butter makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for the skin.

    Goat Soap wonderful for people with dry or sensitive skin, or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Goat Milk Soap is excellent for any pagan ritual.

    Black African Soap helps to fade skin discoloration and dark spots. The soap cleanses gently, so it's ideal for people with rosacea, rashes, dryness and other skin conditions

    Amish Soap made from all natural ingredients in the traditional way. A very antiseptic soap so ideal for cleaning magical tools and alter spaces


    Coffee-Charcoal finely ground coffee acting as an exfoliant along with charcoal combine to create a wonderful smokey sweet fragrance and a unique natural dark soap color
    Wormwood-Apricot Apricot seeds are used as a natural exfoliant and wormwood is a traditional witch's herb that is used for vision, providing this soap with a unique herbal fragrance and a powerful magical property
    Juniper Berries-Sage sage is one of the most powerful herbs in all of history, this soap consist of finely ground sage along with juniper berries to help with exfoliating properties. This soap cleans not just the body but the soul as well.


    SPELL SOAPS each spell soap is made to order as the name intends these soaps are to be used during spell work, and as so, to create each soap we to must make it during a ritual ourselves each soap will contain various herbs and perfumes depending on which one is chosen.