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Greater Key of Solomon Spell Kit. includes: King Solomon 7day prayer candle. 3 large seals of your choice from the Greater Keys. Blue Salt. Powdered Chalk (both for a protection circle) and 4 blessed Candles.


Spell Breaker Spell Kit. includes: Spell Breaker 7day prayer candle. 7x7Astral "fights all evil" Incense. Red Dressed Candle. Brimstone. (This kit is for those affected by another witches' spell)


Ogun Ritual Kit. Ogun 7day prayer candle. Green Dressed Candle. Hoodoo Incense. Ogun's Vivi. Iron rail-road Spike.


12Dollar Spells

Spell Kit
  • Facts and Instructions

    King Solomon Spell: King Solomon wrote the magical grimoire known as the Greater Keys of Solomon. Within that text, multiple magical signs, seals, and sigils are revealed, each that has a power contained within it. (This part should be general common knowledge for those wishing to practice this spell) INSTRUCTIONS: after deciding on which seal's power you are trying to envoke, use the chalk powder to create an unbroken circle around you. The Blue salt can be used to encircle one of the paper sigils. Burning the sigils at the end of the spell is often practiced.

    Spell Breaker-Spell: If you feel as if a rival magician or bruja might be casting a spell at you. This simple spell can be better than a full arsenal.

    INSTRUCTIONS: Light the Spell Breaker Candle and multiple sticks of 7x7 incense. walk throughout your ritual space and mentally fortify yourself and visualize that your magic is pure and since your magic is pure no impure magic could ever touch you. Use the brimstone to make a barrier in front of your door so no energy may pass through.

    OGUN: Ogun is the traditional deity of warriors, hunters, blacksmiths, technologists, and drivers. He is the God of War and Metal. He enjoys offerings of rum. and is willing to help those who invoke him.