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Wormwood's local services

Serving Upstate South Carolina, Eastern Georgia and Western North Carolina

Single Hair Color Application

Hair Painting

Highlighting / Lightening


Creative Hair Cutting Undercuts

and designs

Updos / Creative Styling

Makeup Artist


Redken Exchange Graduate



Licenced Cosmetologist/


Full ritual hair and makeup services.

Legally Ordained Minister in multiple religions. (Christianity, Paganism, Universal Life, Sub-genius, etc)

Weddings -(Handfastings, Spirit Unions, etc. both traditional and non-traditional)

Funerals - (Specializing in non-Christan funerals, and funeral rites)

Baptisms - (Satanic, Christan, Egyptian, and any other cultures baptism rites)

Exorcisms - (home and body. cleansing )

Chaplain Services - (hospital, prison and other services)

Lectures - (lectures on religion, history, and the occult)

Shamanic Guide - (personal shaman spirit guide, teaching, and performing)

Witch Classes - (personal classes in the history and practice of witchcraft)



Reverend of the First Temple of the Divine Sun. Over 18 years of biblical studies, combined with a life-time of occult studies.

Root Dr.